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We print magazines for the Marketing and PAO Departments on Navy, Marine, Army and Air Force bases. Let us do yours.

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Product Options

Magazines Papers
  • 48.5kg, Raichou Mat, Kiku
  • 62.5kg, OK Top Coat+, Kiku
  • 62.5kg, QP Book Glossy, Kiku
  • 76.5kg, QP Book Matt, Kiku
  • Cover 93.5kg, OK Top Coat+, Kiku
    Inner Pages 62.5kg, OK Top Coat+, Kiku
Magazines Features
  • We can bind from 4-pages (go up by 4-pages) all the way up to 96-pages.
  • Quality paper with a wide variety of page counts.

Need Help with Your Design?

We have hundreds of military and DoD organization logos on file.

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The Stripes Printshop is a Department of Defense authorized printer